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Endodontics is the treatment of the pulp of the teeth (including the nerve plexus of the root). It is the branch of Dentistry that comes into play whenever a patient experiences pain due to cavity or periapical abscess.
The most important aspect of Endodontics is pain alleviation in a patient. Unfortunately, it is also the most feared branch of Dentistry (needless to say these fears are unfounded)

Treatments in Endodontics:

  1. The most common treatment under Endodontics is Root Canal Treatment (RCT).
  2. Pulpotomy: Mostly done for Primary teeth (milk teeth) in which the coronal portion of the pulp is removed. This procedure comes in handy when the infection has not involved the root portion of pulp or in cases where the roots are not completely developed (as in milk teeth).
  3. Apicectomy: Minor surgical procedure to remove the top of the root of a non-vital tooth and then seal it with a filling. This is done to prevent spread of infection from a damaged non-vital tooth from spreading in the surrounding periapical region. In a few cases where the damage is extensive RCT is followed by Apicectomy.
  4. Root Amputation: Surgical removal of a root from multirooted tooth (mostly molars) so that root infection can be controlled and the tooth can be saved from extraction.

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