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Fixed Partial Dentures (Crowns & Bridges)

Dental Crown (commonly referred to as a Cap ) is a full surface covering for a tooth made of porcelain.
It is one of the most widely used treatment modalities in Modern Dentistry and has a big role to play in almost all treatment plans.

Advantages of Dental Crowns:-

  • To give support to teeth that have been endodontically treated (either RCT or pulpotomy).
  • In teeth that are broken, grossly decayed or having multiple cavities
  • Teeth having heavy fillings (mostly amalgam) or teeth from which a large filling has come out.
  • As part of cosmetic Dentistry to cover a discoloured, worn out or partially fractured tooth.
  • As a part of preventive Dentistry to prevent a tooth from further cracking or fracturing.

Depending on the design or the material, a crown can last for a life time or for a few years.

Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges are like a continuation of the concept of crown or like multiple crowns joined together in a row. A bridge is a structure designed to span the gap left by missing (or extracted) teeth.

Advantages of Dental Bridges:

  1. To replace single or multiple teeth (lost either due to decay or extraction)
  2. In cases where multiple adjoining teeth are grossly decayed
  3. Cases where adjoining teeth are either endodonticaly treated (RCT or pulpotomy) or having large old restorations
  4. As a part of cosmetic dentistry to give an esthetic look (smile) by invoving the front teeth that are either worn out or having marginal alignment problems.

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